Nikki's blog - December Festivities

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Nikki's blog - December Festivities

The festive season is upon us and I have to admit that I'm well and truly in my element. I mean it does involve shopping after all!! Speaking of shopping I've been out (lots) to buy presents for others but somehow the items in the bags seem to be mostly for myself. Oops, must be those cheeky little elves :-) After all, I have been a really good girl this year so I must be on his nice list. I am relieved to say that as I'm writing this I only have a couple of presents left to get then it's all down to the wrapping. I have had 2 little helpers especially when it comes to opening their advent calendars.

Nikki is one of Pulse Community Healthcare clients

I have loved lying chilling on the sofa snuggled with my duvet, Finlay and Dolly watching Christmas films and stuffing my face. Bliss!! The X Factor final had me sitting on tenterhooks but I was so glad Louisa won. I must have voted at least 20 times during the finale. Get in there girl!

I have been busy buying my two gorgeous babies Christmas outfits. Finlay just has a Christmas bandana as I have found it hard to find a jumper in his size and I have to be careful as he has laryngeal paralysis. This means I try not to have anything tight around his neck so the bandana is ideal as I can tie it loosely. Dolly has an elf outfit and looks so cute. It matches my onesie! The outfit I have for her for Christmas Day will be revealed in January's blog.

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As I have said in my previous blog I have been going into the Durham office to help out. On Wednesday 16th December we held a Christmas Open Day with a tombola, mulled wine, cakes and mince pies with all proceeds going to Pulse's sponsored charity DEBRA. We managed to raise a total of £51.00 and a good day was had by all.

Pulse Charity

You may remember I talked about 'The Rucksack Project' in my last blog and I'm so glad that this has made such an impact. I have a nearly finished packing my rucksack full of essentials and goodies. As I've said before I'd hope if I was in that situation someone would do it for me. I just wish I could do more and help everybody but I know that isn't possible but I'm going to make it my aim next year to collect all year round so I can help more people.

I'll have to get thinking of New Year’s resolutions. I know one already but will reveal it in January's blog.

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks my team for all of their care and support. Vicky, Tania, Steph, Toni, Aimee, Donna, Brenda and Kathleen I wouldn't be in the great position I'm in at the moment if it weren't for your continued dedication and support.It is appreciated beyond words. Thank you ladies.

Pulse carers

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I'll blog to you all in 2016 :-)

N x

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    Another fantastic blog Nikki and some great photos, look forward to the next one.

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    A wonderful read Nikki and lovey to see you and meet your mum in Durham last week.
    My rucksack is ready as we discussed.
    Have a lovely Xmas and I look forward to seeing you and the lovely Dolly in the New Year