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Nikki's blog - The Rucksack Project

What a November it has been. Again I have had such positive comments to my last blog and I have got to say that I'm over the moon. I have so much to fill you all in on but first I'd like to start with something for us all to think about.

As we enter the colder months it is very apparent that I have a lot to be thankful for; a roof over my head, a warm home, food, water, hot drinks, suitable clothing, a comfortable bed at night and much more. Some don't have that and it's those forced to live on the streets. It was a few weeks ago that I read a friend's status on my Facebook in which she described repeatedly seeing two young homeless people in the bus station before and after work. She couldn’t stop thinking about them and said that she was going to make them a packed lunch on the days she worked. This idea snowballed within our community with others saying they too would make packed lunches. Jamie's status struck a chord with me and it was then I came across 'The Rucksack Project.'

After a little research I learnt that "The Rucksack Project is not a charitable organisation, but a worldwide movement born out of a simple idea to help those sleeping rough on the streets during the freezing winter months." Read more about them here.

The idea is to get a large rucksack and fill it with core products such as:

The Rucksack Project Charity

A slip should be included in your rucksack to say what you have donated to protect your recipient from being accused of stealing. This can be found on the Rucksack Project website under ‘Police Slip.’

If any of you are able to donate something to the project could you please get in touch with me via email at and I will get back to you ASAP. Every donation, no matter how small helps.

November has consisted of Dolly settling in and it's safe to say that Finlay now loves her. They are both such cuties that I can't help treating them to new goodies such as coats and jumpers - I have a feeling they are going to be spoilt by Santa.

Nikkis dog - Dolly and Finlay

I'm pleased to say that I have started my Christmas shopping so here's hoping I'm finished before Christmas Eve this year! I'm starting to feel really festive with the shops blasting out Christmas music. Christmas films starting on the TV has been the perfect excuse to keep cosy and chill. I've got to say my all time favourite is Home Alone.

This month has also brought an exciting new opportunity for me when I was asked if I would like to help out in the Pulse Durham office. My first day was Wednesday 18th November and I've got to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was nice to be in a working environment again as it has been a while but I think I'm a dab hand! I began to help organise the Christmas Open Day which is being held at the office on Wednesday 16th December. I'm hoping to be able to do this one day per week depending on appointments. It has helped boost my confidence but don't worry guys I can still fit through the door – just.

Nikkis Blog - Visit to the Office

Just an update on how building my upper body strength is going. In September I was involved in an accident in which I hurt my shoulder and unfortunately since then I have been struggling with rebuilding the strength due to muscle damage and pain. I have increased the activity in my arms simply by trying to be more independent and attempting things even if the end result isn't perfect. At the end of the day, who's perfect anyway?

That's all for now but don't worry I'll be blogging my little heart out across December so stay tuned.

N x

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