A head and hair for heights – Looking out for women and teenagers with cancer

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Looking out for women and teenagers with cancer

Jacqueline O'Neill from the South East Pulse Community Healthcare team bravely completed her climb up and over the O2 on the 13th September, to raise money for the ‘Look Good, Feel Better’ charity.

Each year 165,000 women receive the devastating news of a cancer diagnosis. Look Good, Feel Better is the only charity committed to helping women and teenagers combat the visible side effects of their cancer treatment, providing renewed confidence and self esteem. They run free skincare and make-up workshops and master classes in 75 locations across the UK.

As the guide took Jacqueline and the team through the rules and regulations, they never thought this would be the most daunting part of the climb. The guide mentioned that participants could not weigh more than 21 stone nor could they have a waist measurement of more than 125cm. Unfortunately (or fortunately) there wasn’t a measuring tape in sight.

‘’The excitement started to kick in when I was finally dressed in my blue visible jacket, ECCO shoes and the most non-ladylike safety harness that hung like a heavy gong between my legs’’

Once on the climbing platform, Jacqueline’s breath was taken away at the thought of the 52 meter trek which also happened to be at a 30 degree angle.

When she finally reached the top Jacqueline couldn’t resist a pose at the pinnacle of her achievement whilst also embracing the London landmarks, so clearly visible. Now what we all forgot is that what goes up must come down. With the help of some screams and a rousing chorus of the hymn ‘We will overcome’, Jacqueline and the team put their feet on solid ground.

So far Jacqueline’s ‘Climb an icon’ activity has raised £125. A few of her supporters also commented that she should keep the hair. We tend to agree.

It’s not too late to donate, if you’d like to support Jacqueline and contribute to her fundraising, go to her JustGiving page.

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