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James' blog - Consistently caring carers

The last piece of last month's blog referred to such things as spring, daffodils and primroses and my great dog Zip. Well he is nine months old now and is remarkably biddable and a great companion for for my Pulse team and me. We go for walks everyday and whoever is in charge of me that day brings a lead and two or three treats to encourage him to learn a little discipline - so far so good!

This illustrates how flexible carers have to be in order to help their charges. It has been suggested that there would be interest in how they assist me to attach and use other agricultural implements apart from the log splitter that was in last month's blog, but not only would we have a difficulty with the "good old" health and safety regulations, we would also need to put carers through training course and much else, which might be inconvenient for Pulse as well. Anyway let us not dwell on that.

Writing this blog has made me more aware of how lucky I am to have such wonderful people looking after me. From first thing in the morning to last thing at night they are there and they make a useful life possible, which it otherwise might not be. Consistently on time, courteous and patient, good humoured and able to deal with the mayhem of my home; these are my girls from Pulse Community Healthcare. Caring seems to me to be a calling. Not only do you have to be properly trained, much of which you have to pay for yourself or attend in your own time, but then you have to put it all into practice by learning the minutiae of your service users life: how strong they like their coffee or tea, how the physiotherapy equipment works, how the hoist works making sure that the swinging cross bar doesn't smite the nose of the patient. I could go on for pages but you will understand my meaning I'm sure.

This morning once the "get up" routine was done and my care team leader, who is on a split today, has gone off to deliver the cheese straws and cup cakes to her daughters who are having a joint birthday party for some of their children with sixty others invited. More modestly Zip, long day carer (I would use names but I don't think it would be right) and I went for a walk over to my daughter's house not far away. She is having a biomass boiler installed, hence the wood splitting, and I'm in charge of the installation, so I need to make sure it is right because daughters can be fierce if things go wrong as many of you will know. Needless to say none of this would be possible on my own.

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