A day in the life of a Support Worker - Stevie-ann's story

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A day in the life of a Support Worker - Stevie-ann's story

Hi, I’m Stevie-ann and I have been working for Pulse Community Healthcare for over 3 years. Part of my role involves supporting a man called James. James fell off of his horse a few years ago and consequently has a spinal cord injury which means he is wheelchair bound.

My colleagues and I support James between 7am and 10, 7 days a week. We also work that little bit later when required. Our support involves personal care, physiotherapy, hoisting, administering medication, meal preparation and helping James to eat, cleaning, assisting James with his office work, walking the dogs with James and driving James to any relevant community meetings or visits. I occasionally accompany James on social visits. I recently attended a dinner parted with James hosted by one of his friends. James is a business man and ever since his accident he has retained his busy lifestyle which we all work to support him in maintaining.

Every day with James is different but a typical daily routine would be:

  • Arrive at 7am and check James’ daily health records
  • Make James a cup of tea and give him his morning medication
  • Support James in getting out of bed for breakfast
  • Help James get washed and dressed ready for the day ahead
  • Help James into his preferred wheelchair and make him a cup of coffee whilst we clean the house
  • Sometimes we go for a walk around James’ farm with the dogs and visit the stables
  • James then returns to the house and gets on with some work in his office. We give James some privacy at this time but he is always able to reach us using a pager system
  • We then help James back to his house where he will have lunch with his wife
  • We usually go for another afternoon walk with the dogs and then James returns to his office or we have physiotherapy with James
  • Then it is dinner time and James returns home to have dinner with his family. During this time we prepare James’ bedroom for his nightly routines and help James into bed

Working with James is very rewarding as I can clearly see the difference I’m making to his life. James is always incredibly grateful for all the work we do with him, thanking us several times a day.

To anyone thinking of becoming a support worker, it is an interesting career which enables you to experience many things that life can throw at you and is very rewarding at the same time. I would recommend that you find a company that has in-depth training and ensures you are both comfortable and confident in the work you will be doing – Pulse Community Healthcare is a great company to help you achieve this.

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