James' blog - Where has April gone?

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James' blog - Where has April gone?

Who has stolen April ? It seems no time since it started and yet it has already all but disappeared. The origin of April, the word, is the Latin verb “aperio” – wonderful thing Google - meaning “to open” like buds do on plants and trees at this time of year and there has been plenty of that this month. The Oilseed Rape fields have turned a vibrant yellow and are full of bees buzzing about; wheat and barley are growing before our eyes; the peas that were planted at the end of March are up and growing well so despite having very little rain at the moment everything looks good. The trees in the little wood we planted are all shooting nicely. But anyway enough of the farming otherwise this will look more like a script from the Archers.

So many things have happened this month it is hard to know where to begin but as the old song from The Sound of Music goes – Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start – we come immediately to April 1st , which started off rather well for your writer. You may not remember but at the beginning of the month the weather was still cold and wet, which allowed me to ask my team of angels (carers) whether they had seen the snow on their way to or from work. Nobody had of course because none had fallen but it gave me a bit of a laugh and snorts of indignation from the angels, who will undoubtedly get there own back at some stage.

Practically the whole world seems to have been born in April in my family so it is a complete minefield of  opportunity to cause problems by forgetting somebody’s birthday and, of course, this year Easter came along at an early stage just to complicate things. I went for the low “carb” bath bombs for my team but received wonderful eggs in return – oh well – and some lovely plants.

Some of the month has been lost to the chest bug that seems to have done the rounds of practically everyone but quickly diagnosed by my care team as have been a few skin “imperfections” that have broken out in a small way on parts of my anatomy that I can no longer see or feel. What is so special about it is the infinite attention to detail and discussion that takes place over my nether regions and then I am told what the conclusion is when it is reached.  But there you are, life changes and although I am still trying to get used to being described as “work” (having always hoped I might be “pleasure” – typical chauvinistic male) it is of course the professionalism of these wonderful people that has such a positive effect on my life.

My dog Zip is still growing and is turning into a handsome chap. We, that is me and today’s angel (carer), have just taken him for his walk. We are trying to teach him to walk to heel. Needless to say I know less than anybody about this so maybe Pulse will consider care-dog training to put them ahead of the field!

Have a great May.

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