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James' blog - After the election

“Rough winds do shake the Darling Buds of May, and summer’s lease hath all too short a date”. Thank you Shakespeare, he seems to have summed up May 2015 rather well. Another month seems to have raced by and even though it is raining hard as I write this we are promised better things for the end of the month and ,who knows, we may even have a wonderful flaming June. The farm is looking well though a little dry as a result of the lack of rain in April so, rather selfishly, I’m glad to see the rain. The winter barley has been in ear for a couple of weeks now; surprisingly soon we may be in line for an early harvest this year though it is much too soon to start making such predictions. Anyway my dog, Zip, and I accompanied by my lovely carers have been continuing with the education, though who is educating who it is hard to tell. What is for certain is that I could not do it on my own. You may be familiar with clickers, treats and dummies to throw but it is all new to me.

Of course the other great excitement of the month has been the general election. What an enormous relief that it has finished whatever the outcome. It’s always a time of stress for everyone as every form of media can’t resist commenting. Now it is over, I do think we need to make our MPs aware that we expect them to support the NHS and not to dismember it. We as a family ran into the buffers of “cuts” when we asked our Continuing Care Department for assistance with cover for “sleep-ins” for the next two weeks as my wife, who has taken on responsibility for night care for me, is going to have to spend the next two weeks looking after our eldest daughter who is about to give birth to our first grand-child. My Pulse Community Healthcare team has stepped into the breach thankfully and will cover with my own team of angels, which is great for us. We will have to expect significant differences in the coming months and years with the austerity measures seemingly necessary to repay the nation’s debt.

We have perfected a new gardening technique, which may be of interest. It is an extremely efficient way of deadheading bulbs that have flowered in order for them to be able to recharge their bulbs. The method goes like this: you need one carer (angel) and one tetraplegic. The angel holds the stem of the tulip/daffodil near the top and the tetraplegic snaps the deadhead off – job done. But if you are a tetraplegic with limited hand dexterity it is not possible to do this simple thing without the help of an angel.

The sun is shining now and the temperature is gradually increasing as June comes rushing up to meet us and soon we’ll be up to mid-summer’s day and half the year will be gone – so enjoy it while we have it and best wishes to all.

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