James' blog - Flaming June

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James' blog - Flaming June

In mid June we‘re at the height of the year; the pinnacle of 2015.Which seems to have only just begun.

What we all need in June is a bit of sunshine to attempt to justify the phrase “Flaming June”, widely used by us farmers in hope that our crops begin to ripen. I had not realised until I started to try and pull this blog together that one of the reasons that “Flaming June” is so well known is that it is the name of a beautiful painting by the artist Sir Frederick Leighton. If you have a moment, Google it – it is stunning and the extraordinary thing is that he originally intended it to decorate the side of a bath.

One of the most enjoyable events I’ve attended recently was the re-opening of the Suffolk Army Cadet Centre at Leiston, a small town on the coast. I had to cut the tape and say a “few words” on behalf of the Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk, so I needed to look smart. My wonderful team of angels set about polishing, ironing and in general smartening me up – not an easy task I can assure you.

Off we set on what turned out to be a lovely sunny day. We were shown around the new facilities and chatted away with many young cadets, all amazing people. The tape was cut, and with a little or rather a lot of help from my friends I proceeded to address the audience, which I delivered with help from my standing chair. All the time being closely inspected by a Pulse Community Healthcare angel to make sure that as I stood up my trousers did not fall down….as has happened in less public circumstances.

It appeared to me that I’d underestimated the amount of energy needed to project my voice outside to a relatively large group of people, and to cut a long story short, I was left almost finishing what I had planned to say with very little breath. The next thing I knew I was awake, looking into the face of a rather concerned carer, who had sat me down in my chair and lifted my legs up. I was blissfully unaware of the whole process but it illustrated how very important properly trained and motivated people are. Another great success was that my trousers stayed up.

Enjoy the rest of this wonderful month. I shall hope to make hay in the next few weeks, and then it will be downhill all the way to harvest.

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    So glad your trousers stayed up Jamie! It's been interesting driving up from the Mediterranean to the Channel. In the south, the barley is already done and the straw baled up whereas they have just started in the Loire. Up here around Dieppe, I haven't seen anything cut yet.