James' blog - Beautiful September

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James' blog - Beautiful September

August seems to have finished years ago and September is rapidly disappearing; there are even those who have started to mention the “C” word though it is not allowed here. The summer holidays are done and the countryside is changing colour from golden ripe crops to brown earth again. Thus for us farmers next year has already begun with the drilling of oilseed rape, which was completed a couple of days ago, and Winter Wheat, the first of which is in and up. Our apple trees are groaning with fruit and the hedges are full of ripening Blackberries, Sloes for gin, whisky or vodka, Bulaces and Rose Hips of enormous proportions. It is a truly bountiful September, which lives up to it’s billing as being the season of mellow fruitfulness with a birthstone for the month of Sapphire, signifying clear thinking, and a flower: the Forget-me-Not. So much for this month’s nature ramble and it has to be admitted that we have had the log burner going a couple of times already in the evenings and my Angels are travelling to and from work in the early mornings and late evenings with their car lights on. So the year is passing – another one!

Quite a lot of rather worrying developments seem to be happening in the World: mass migration, people trafficking, Mr. Putin, the possibility of Donald Trump running for President in the USA, the arrival of Jeremy Corbyn on the parliamentary front bench and so on. Perhaps the Ostrich technique should be adopted? Added to all of this is the squeeze that the Public Sector of the economy is being put under to help correct the debt burden that was built up in the first decade of this century. Of all the above the one that effects all those in the health and healthcare sector is the last and we are all going to “feel the pain” in the next few years Doctors, patients, carers, disabled. We are to be visited for a Continuing Care Assessment next month. It would be surprising if their script had not already been written. What will we be left with? What worries me is that the people who will suffer most will be my Angels. Watch this space. There is a temptation to ask an ethical question to the politicians, which, put very simply and perhaps brutally, goes something like this. Why spend the money saving us if you cannot afford to care for us afterwards?

On a rather jollier note there should be a photograph attached showing not only the progress of the good dog Zip but also of my four month old grandson Toby. Zip as you can see is my constant companion and particularly enjoys my physiotherapy sessions, which are carried out on the floor, as does Toby. But in order to achieve that situation my angels have to hoist me out of my chair, lay out the mattress on the floor and position me comfortably ready for the following two hours of pushing, pulling, stretching, sitting and so on. The point is that they do this with great care, good humour and patience. Without them none of this would be possible. I am deeply grateful.

Oh well – on to October!

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    Hi James, your photos are fab - Toby certainly is a handsome chap, and your descriptions are great. I'm not sure what I am longing for more, Gin and Tonic, fruit crumble or for someone to buy me a beautiful sapphire. Maybe the latter wins through .... now I must stop dreaming.

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    Another great read James.
    Loving the picture of you and your grandson. He is too cute!

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    A great Blog James and such a cute photo of Toby.

    Looking forward to your next instalment.