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James' blog - Golden October

It is not often that a visit to the supermarket gives the shopper a culture shock or possibly reminds him of his advancing years, an epiphany moment even. However I have to report that I had this experience this morning. An annual visit to the pharmacy usually happens at this time of year for the flu jab; thus it was this morning. We arrived a little early for our appointment and having gone through the various form-filling requirements sat and waited outside the treatment room. Immediately in front of me was a large poster proclaiming in large letters “The Only Way is Up!” below which two buttons, usually found in lifts, were shown with the up switch illuminated and the down switch not illuminated. Thinking this must be a new initiative or product being introduced I read on, wondering if this might lead to a life changing experience. You will no doubt share my sense of surprise when the next line contained but two words; “Erectile dysfunction” and suddenly, like a bolt out of the blue, my epiphany moment came upon me as I became aware of why the store has adopted the strap line “Every little helps”. I was able to accept my flu jab with a smile on my face.

Moving swiftly on, you may be acquainted with the technique called “assisted coughing” a non-invasive technique that helps people with restricted or no diaphragm activity due to spinal injury to cough and clear their lungs. My wonderful band of angels are well practised at this. It has become part of the Pulse training programme and came into it’s own for a couple of weeks, both day and night, as the first chest infection of the year hit home. Grateful thanks go to my care team and Pulse for their unswerving support. The most annoying thing was that I was unable to attend a wonderful performance of Giselle, the ballet, streamed directly from the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden to the mighty Fisher Theatre in Bungay. Also missed was an opera, Il Trovatore, streamed all the way from the Metropolitan Opera House in New York, which was said to be fantastic as was the performance of Hamlet, streamed from the National Theatre in London, with Dominic Cumberbach as the tortured Prince of Denmark. Despite some critical abuse, usually a sign of something good, it was a highly successful production, after which we all felt drained by the drama of it all.

The year is rapidly disappearing. The golden colours of autumn are all round us in the countryside and wet fields and mud are the order of the day. At last the blackberries are ripe in the hedges and we, my head angel and I accompanied by my dog Zip, his friend Barley, a golden Labrador, and Gus, my little terrier had a small expedition to pick some. They did not last long as they disappeared immediately into a blackberry and apple crumble, which was delicious; compliments to the chef.

This blog has touched on many things so time to shut up and wish any readers out there a happy and healthy month.

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    James - What a great read this morning really cheered me up, love reading your Blog.

    Hope you get a second chance to visit the opera

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    I love reading your Blog James and looking forward to reading Novembers

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    bought a smile to my face james on this cold wednesday morning ! :)