James' blog - Happy New Year

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James' blog - Happy New Year

Happy New Year to one and all. The Festive season already seems a diminishing memory. It seemed particularly difficult to keep date/time orientation this year with so many holidays, there seemed to be some certainty about date but very little to do with day. However I think we managed to fulfil all engagements without, for once, forgetting anybody. What were the high points? Always a difficult question, however sister-in-law’s exceptional Christmas Cake ice cream still lingers in the taste buds and must rank highly. My Pulse girls spoilt me as always – no specifics so you don’t arrive at inappropriate conclusions.

At last we are experiencing a little bit of winter, in terms of frosty nights at least, which is good for everything; getting rid of bugs, stopping the spread of fungal disease in the growing crops on the ground and at long last giving us all a break from the interminable rain that seems to have been a feature of the last part of 2015. Gratitude must go to the forebears who developed this farm on top of a hill. Despite all the winteriness we seem to have a growing population of Barn Owls, wonderful to watch and symptomatic of a healthy wild environment. It is good to see something going well as the commodity markets into which we sell our grains have fallen in value by about 30% in the last few months. This will mean the tightening of our business belts for a while though that seems to be the case with almost everything at the moment.

Much enjoyment is being taken in trying to stay abreast of the BBC Drama series that is broadcast on Sunday evenings. At the moment “War and Peace” is keeping us all gripped. Those of us who have read the book sometimes find it hard to agree with the production, however it seems best to suspend prior imagination and enjoy it for what it is. The next book to be serialised is John le Carre’s The Night Manager. It is certainly a very exciting read completely contemporary and far from the cold-war novels such as Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, which enthralled all of us of a certain age when it was televised with Alec Guinness playing the role of Smiley in the television adaption. It will be fascinating to see how the novel is presented. If it is good it will be very, very good and if not it will be a pity.

The nights are already shorter than they were and as the old saying goes “When winter comes can spring be far behind?” - so maybe by the time the next blog hits the site we will all be feeling the green shoots of spring coming along, alternatively we may have two feet of snow!

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    I always really enjoy reading your blogs James -and love the barn owl. How wonderful to have them on your door step.