James' blog - February Changes

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James' blog - February Changes

Wind, wind and more wind! This is not a dietary complaint but a meteorological observation. Primroses, daffodils out, trees in bud, lawn mowers buzzing and the blackthorn beginning to flower. Intermittent sleet, snow and hail and occasional days of wonderful sunshine, so far February has had something for everybody. On the farm things are beginning to stir. Soon fertiliser will be applied to the oilseed rape and all hedges must be trimmed before the end of the month in preparation for the wild bird nesting season. The dogs are roaring about as are the horses all convinced, no doubt, that spring is just about with us. Let’s hope so.

Change is a matter of fact in life. Very few things stay the same for ever. Thus in the same month as Professor Stephen Hawking declared the discovery of Gravitational Waves one of the most important scientific discoveries of all time, the Prime Minister is going to explain to us all during the next few weeks regarding the matter of whether we should be in, partly in, partly out or completely out of the European Union. There will be some brain teasing matters for us all to try and understand.

In 1973, when the first Referendum was held during Ted Heath’s occupation of No 10 Downing Street, I was just about to come back from Australia where I had spent four years working for a cattle company in the Northern Territory and Queensland. In those days the European Economic Community, as it was then known, comprised of nine countries. Much has changed since then. The only thing that has not very much is my understanding of how it works. Never mind I’m sure it will all be alright in the end whichever way we go.

I have made it a rule in my writing not to mention by name any member of the Pulse Community Healthcare staff who has been responsible for my care. However Lisa Blogg started working as a carer for PCH and joined my team five years ago when we were the only Pulse package in this part of East Anglia. Since then she has been promoted to Case Manager as the Pulse packages have grown to over thirty and quite recently to Deputy Manager of the Norwich office, which has meant finally that she has handed my package over to another Case Manager. Although this is sad for us it is good to see Lisa reaping the rewards of her very hard work and we wish her well in the future with huge gratitude from the “package” and all his family.

Valentines Day has passed without major incident, though we had a few mysterious people floating about. Christmas diets are still being adhered to – just. So, onwards and upwards towards a new and exciting March.

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    Lovely read ,,
    Well done Lisa 😄