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James Blog - Spring is Coming

My apologies for being late with the March Blog. We had a few things to sort out, swiftly followed by the latest UTI and recovery time. My team of Angels from Pulse Community Healthcare helped me through in their own wonderful way so normal service can now be resumed.

We live in interesting times without a doubt, so much has happened in the last month it is difficult to know exactly where to start. At home we have had one of the most controversial budgets in living memory, which has been mauled by practically everybody except the Leader of the Opposition, one Mr Corbyn. Disabled budgets were to be cut and now, I think I’m right in saying, will not be and further more will be untouchable for the remainder of this Parliament. So we seem to be safe until 2020 anyway. And then, of course, there is the on-going debate of Brexit or no Brexit. What are we to think of the options being laid out before us? June 24th cannot come too quickly so that we know our fate.

Devastating also that the wonderful serialisation of The Night Manager on BBC1 has finished, but on the other hand, England won the Six Nations Rugger Competition and the Grand Slam, and Sprinter Sacre won the Championship Chase at the Cheltenham National Hunt Festival after a two year lay off for heart surgery and the loss of one of his owners to cancer. Mrs Caroline Mould, the owner, and Nicky Henderson, the Trainer, brought Sprinter back to his best for this amazing race.

All this poses the question “What is the most important thing in the world?” Funnily enough it seems that the answer is none of the above although I would have loved it to be the Sprinter Sacre story. Neither is it Stem Cell Therapy, nor the development of a drug that can break through the scar tissue that prevents the spinal cord from repairing itself. These are all single dimension matters, created by human beings and it is the things that we largely ignore that are the most important – so I have discovered.

There is an old saying particularly quoted by farmers and those who rely on weather to give them hope that the end of winter is close. It goes like this: “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb” or “March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion.” This year March seems to have defied the old quotation and came in like a lion and is going out like a lion. As I write Storm Kate is beginning to blow itself out having removed the roof from one of our, admittedly old, outbuildings.

No. The most important thing in the world is photosynthesis, more of that next month.

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