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James' Blog - Photosynthesis

As I write it is 21 June - the longest day and the shortest night in the year. Lawn mowers are buzzing, as are the bees, and the sun has been shining for at least half the day! We must be thankful for small mercies and hope for great ones. While we’re on the subject of weather, there is the small matter of ‘photosynthesis’ outstanding from the March blog. Those of you who read it may remember the idea that was promulgated: that this wonder of nature is more important than practically anything else in our lives. So the question I'm exploring today is, why?

Without photosynthesis we simply would not exist. Neither human nor animal could, because there would be no oxygen and thus no breathing. The fascinating thing about this life-giving phenomenon is that photosynthesis is actually the by-product of a system adapted by plants and other organisms; one that uses carbon dioxide, water and light to create sugar for energy, and finally, releases oxygen into the atmosphere. Thus we live. So when you are listening to environmentalists telling us all about the delicate balance of nature, they are not wrong.

We have an enormous depth of knowledge about these things; knowledge that is readily available to all nowadays, what with Wikipedia there at the touch of a button. Some of us believe that it’s how we use this knowledge that separates the human race from animals. This is where we have to be rather careful, because it’s a great mistake – even arrogance – to think we are not part of the animal kingdom. In fact our job is to keep the balance, guided by scientific knowledge rather than emotions.

Returning to the more ordinary aspects of life, I now have a most spectacularly successful new bed! This is the result of a great team effort from my angelic care team, the Pulse Norwich staff and the NHS Occupational Therapists, to whom I am hugely grateful. The old bed finally gave up the ghost after completing nearly seven years of hard labour under my not inconsiderable frame. The new number is so quick, so flexible in all the right places, it causes smiles and whoops of delight all round. Thank you to all concerned!

Anyway, let us hope that June ‘flames’ just a bit during its last week in 2016; that England scores a few more goals in the football and makes many runs in the up-coming Test series against Pakistan; that Andy Murray does well at Wimbledon; and that finally, for better or for worse, we can at last settle down to life post-Referendum.

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