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James' Blog - 'Hench'

Are you “Hench”? This is the new word of the month. Never had the word been heard in the great metropolis of Mettingham, the parish in which we live, but there is nothing like a couple of Pulse angels to broaden your vocabulary. Naively it might be thought that this wonderful word might have been around as the prefix to the well known word “man”, as in “Henchman”. But no this turns out not to be the case. Those oblivious until now of this word find themselves in good company; Wikipedia for example and The Oxford English Dictionary. However in the medical version of the dictionary can be found a man called Philip Hench, who was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1950 for work on adrenocortical hormones, secreted by the adrenal glands and responsible for controlling the amount of blood sugar, burn protein and fat.  

However that, apparently, has absolutely nothing to do with the meaning that is attributed to it in the Golden Triangle of Beccles, Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth particularly in the pubs, clubs and social media where every self respecting person is striving for the ultimate in well defined muscular bodies. Again I use the word “person” advisedly because this is not something confined to the male of the species but females are increasingly jumping, quite literally in some cases, on the band wagon. Of course if you Google the word, pages of information comes up including where to buy the T shirt, which gyms claim to have the best regime for developing this magnificent state and many other essential pieces of information. Now, regardless of what the case might have been in the past, this C6/C7 tetraplegic would not generally be described as Hench as viewed from almost any direction. However after a great deal of searching and just to prove that the disabled are actually equal to anyone else I am proud to tell you that I now have one muscle officially recognised as “Hench” by the angels from the Golden Triangle and for the avoidance of inappropriate speculation it is the bicep of my right arm. I rest my case!

We cannot write off July to just one word because in so many ways the world changed. The Times reported yesterday, Saturday 30th, that Mr. Putin was funding various courses in universities in Scotland and England and setting up offices in Edinburgh for his PR dissemination organisation called Sputnik. He is reported to wish Scotland to leave the UK following Brexit thereby weakening one of the staunchest opponents to his territorial ambitions in the direction of Europe. It would be encouraging to think that Mrs.Sturgeon, love her or loath her, would not be susceptible to his rubbish. I, being a stuffy old so and so, remain to be convinced.

July is summer, weddings and the beginning of harvest. We have harvested our oilseed rape. The result was by no means a record but I gather not as poor as some. The weather has not been very kind for arable crops this year. We are hoping to start wheat harvest this coming week. I am in the process of training my angels to rub out grain samples by hand in the field – much more fun than being Hench.

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