A Strong Pulse

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A Strong Pulse

Over the last few weeks we have received some wonderful feedback for our branches. This feedback is not only lovely to read but is a testament to the hard, but thoroughly rewarding work that our support workers and nurses do every day, so we wanted to share some of it with you.

The following poem was written by the family of one of our clients in recognition of the fantastic care and support provided by their Pulse Community Healthcare team.

A Strong Pulse

One day, two days, three months, four. The clock ticks by, like the heart did.
Sometimes slow, or far too fast, from the moment this all started.
Pulses racing, family pacing, in limbo we all waited
Pounding in our chests, ticking louder, breathing bated.

But stop. Listen. Can you hear it?

That pulse. That sound that we all know that reassures us all.
Giving life to man and wife, and a little boy so small.
Sixty beats a minute, sixty minutes an hour.
And with that pulse, we found a heart, and with that heart came power.

That cheeky, chirpy blondy boy, he was only four, you know.
His daddy had a headache, and that little boy would grow.
Pulse was there to keep on making memories with this lad.
Lake trips and sailor ships and riding bikes with dad.

That lady though, that wife of his, she wanted things just so.
She’d sometimes rant and rave a bit and she sometimes felt alone.
But still, that pulse was there, supporting through the bleakness.
That sturdy heartbeat still beat strong and helped through times of weakness.

And then, the man, the one in bed, whom first you came to see.
Do you remember his eyes back then? Well, do you? Nor do we.
He’d sleep all day; we didn’t see those sparkles, bright and blue.
But then, that pulse grew strong, we saw the man we always knew.

With that strong pulse he flourished, he thrived on life again,
Growing strong by the day with less need to depend.
No hurry, rush or bother, they had the time to give,
Encouraged independence, encouraged him to live.

Once or twice came folk who weren’t best suited there.
Not everyone’s compatible, and so, they went elsewhere.
That beating heart, that pulse, wanted only what was right.
They tweaked and tailored packages with every new insight.

Those blue eyes, they sparkle now, they light up with each laugh.
He’s here, he’s strong, he’s brilliant, and so, on his behalf,
We thank you as a family, and in our greatest dreams,
We couldn’t have imagined this; we can’t say what it means.

So, Pulse, this poem’s all for you. For giving it your all.
For beating on and keeping strong and breaking down the walls.
One year on since he’s been home, the start of something new
One year on and we’re so strong, and so much is thanks to you!

For more information on the services Pulse Community healthcare provide please contact us.

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