Progressing my career as a support worker

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Progressing my career as a support worker

Darren applied to join the team at Pulse Community Healthcare in April this year after hearing about the progression opportunities available to our support workers. We caught up with him to find out how the registration process was for him and how he is settling in to his new role as a support worker.

Tell us a bit about your role as a support worker

I’m working with a young man who has a very complex condition, helping him to live a better quality of life. I support him with his everyday needs and importantly his communication; helping him to get the most he can out of life by being able to do more. He loves going to the park and we always try to vary what he does so he can enjoy new experiences, we were even able to take him trampolining recently which he really liked.

Why did you apply for Pulse Community Healthcare?

I applied for Pulse Community Healthcare as I like to help other people to achieve their goals, but it had become stagnant in my previous care role. I wanted to develop my career and gain new skills but the opportunity to do so wasn’t there. I liked that Pulse Community Healthcare ensure you are well suited to the client you will be working with and you the have opportunity to develop a real relationship with them as well as your team of colleagues.

Where did you first enquire and how was the response?

I enquired with Pulse Community Healthcare by filling out their online registration form with my details which was quick and simple to do. The response was speedy and the person I spoke to was warm and friendly, giving me all the information I needed regarding the process and next steps.

How did you find the application?

The application process was thorough which reassured me that Pulse Community Healthcare are very rigorous in their vetting process. Speaking with the staff member in the recruitment team, I was given the confidence to speak about my previous experience in care and the skills I have gained so that it could be ensured I was being matched to the right client.

How did you find our online interviewing facility?

The online interview is different to what I’ve been used to, but I found it very refreshing and much preferred it to an in-person one to one interview. It allowed me to feel relaxed and be more prepared for the questions. I could do it in my own time in a familiar environment and it was easy to follow.

How have you found the communication with Pulse Community Healthcare throughout the process?

Communication has been fantastic throughout the application process with Pulse Community Healthcare. Care and consideration for me has been shown throughout the whole process and any emails or phone calls would be chased up straight away and returned promptly.

What advice would you give for someone wanting to become a support worker?

Developing a career in support work can be really rewarding, you’re helping people get the most they can out of their lives. It’s taken me years to feel happy in a job role and now I can finally say I am. I feel so supported by the staff in the office and the nurses in my team are exceptional.

I would say to go for it, you will not regret it! Joining Pulse Community Healthcare is a really simple process, you receive a £200 bonus after your first day’s work and there’s also the opportunity to recommend a friend – earning another £200 bonus. There is so much help and reassurance to progress to a higher position, I have full support from my senior and the training I have received gives me the confidence to fulfil my role.

Do you want to join Pulse Community Healthcare?

If you’re a support worker, care assistant or HCA looking for a rewarding new career in care, contact us today or register your interest and we will be in touch shortly.

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