James' story

Running a business with help from the Pulse Community Healthcare team.

Five years ago I damaged my spine whilst playing polo. My injuries left me unable to walk and wheelchair dependent.  As a farmer by trade the accident had a severe impact on my life; not only could I no longer do things most people take for granted, I lost the ability to play polo and had to adjust the way in which I farmed and ran my business.

After spending 12 months being treated for spinal injuries in the spinal unit at the Northern General Hospital, I was keen to return home. My hospital team were supportive but it quickly became clear I’d need to find a provider of home-based complex care. My local CCG recommended several agencies and, after careful consideration, my family and I felt Pulse Community Healthcare would be able to provide the best care to suit my needs.

Together with my Pulse Community Healthcare Case Manager, my family and I built my care package. It was completely collaborative in all respects to the point where I was able to meet and interview my team members prior to them being hired. Once the team was in place, they received specific training to ensure they’d be able to fully meet my care requirements. Five years ago, I was Pulse Community Healthcare’s first Norfolk-based client but since then they have grown as a business, have more local carers and more support workers in the office which is nice for me because I get to interact with new people.

Life would be much more difficult without my Pulse Community Healthcare team, who’ve been with me for years now. Still a farmer by trade, I run my own business and have several employees so having the team around allows me to get on with my day-to-day activities. They help me attend parish and church council meetings and assist me with frequent trips to London.

A couple of years ago the CCG reduced my hours of care but, despite this, Pulse Community Healthcare managed to retain my team and deliver the same standards of care as I had before the hours were limited. They work closely with my occupational therapists and physiotherapists and assist  me in using items such as my standing chair. Importantly, their presence means my family can get on with their own lives.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Pulse Community Healthcare. I’ve done so previously and will continue to do so. We have a dynamic relationship and don’t always agree but I wouldn’t change a thing. We're like one big family now.