Tricia's story

Providing long term support for client, mum and wife Tricia.

When she was 48, mother of one and Social Services Case Manager Tricia was paralysed during a failed surgical procedure. What should have been a routine operation to correct a compressed nerve in her neck, resulted in Tricia waking up on a ventilator in ITU with a spinal injury. She had completely lost movement from the shoulders down. After spending one year in a spinal unit 40 miles from home, intense physiotherapy had helped Tricia regain slight movement in her left hand and fingers and have some sensation in her abdomen. Tricia also stayed in a residential establishment also in Southport.

Desperate to return home to Manchester to live with her husband and 20 year old son, Tricia was home two days before her 50th birthday. Initially, her family were keen to care for her themselves but with her husband working nights this quickly proved to be an impossible task.

Tricia’s local CCG appointed Pulse Community Healthcare, one of their approved suppliers, to provide a care package. Tricia and her husband Mark wanted to have some control of the hours and budget and took ownership of the payment schedule, with the support of Tricia’s private case manager. They also wanted to be involved in the recruitment of their support team, something that Pulse Community Healthcare was in complete agreement with and actively encouraged.

Along with input and meetings with Tricia, her family and her private Case Manager, Pulse Community Healthcare devised and implemented a care package that was fully focused on Tricia’s physical and mental well-being. Initially the package covered full day and waking night support until 5am when Mark returned home from his night shift. However we quickly realised that Tricia had an increased care need so, after full consultation and agreement by the couple, this progressed to full 24-hour support with two day team members and one waking night team member.

Trisha needs to be hoisted into all new positions and locations, which requires two people. She’s developed a great relationship with her team, who assist her in all aspects of her daily care, including her active exercise regime. The slight movement she has in her left hand allows her to use assisted technology devices. She also enjoys getting her hair and nails done. Obviously, her condition has been an extremely difficult transition for the family but Tricia, throughout it all, has remained patient and understanding. 

Earlier this year, after three years of support, her senior worker and long standing night worker accompanied Tricia and Mark on a 10-day Mediterranean cruise; something no one would have thought possible at commencement of care. With our help, Tricia enjoys trips out and even goes on the tram, which stops directly outside her home. She has an adapted van which her support team helped her choose and are insured and risk assessed to drive for her.