Airway management

Clients requiring airway management support will usually have a tracheostomy in place. The support the Pulse Community Healthcare team provide to these clients is classed as ‘level one’ and we ensure they receive fortnightly clinical reviews. 

For all clients requiring airway management, their clinical and social care plans will reflect the appropriate care and management required to ensure their airway remains patent at all times. Measures are also put in place should any change in the client’s condition occur.

All care staff involved in airway management support will receive intensive tracheostomy training. If our client is on a mechanical ventilator, staff will receive additional ventilator care and management training before starting work. Often clients receiving ventilator support will be aided at all times by two trained support staff. If our client is unable to communicate verbally, care staff will receive training on advanced communication skills.

We frequently find our clients require care packages that support a number of conditions, as shown in our case studies.