At Pulse Community Healthcare, we’re committed to ensuring our workers receive the training and support they need to give excellent care to our clients. We make a significant investment to provide high-quality training, delivered to you through a combination of practical classroom courses and online self-learning. Because it’s such an important part of our service, we provide all training courses free of charge.

We provide mandatory, specialist and refresher training, led by our own training team or occasionally delivered by a trusted provider. In order to work with us, it’s essential that you complete the relevant training courses and pass all written, practical and online assessments.

Our courses will:

  • Enable you to perform your role confidently and competently
  • Contribute towards your continuous professional development and enhance your skills
  • Assist in increasing your potential career opportunities
  • Give you the opportunity to train in specialist areas of care
  • Improve the experience of the client
  • Reduce risk to you and the client

Mandatory training

Our support workers and carers will be required to attend a day of classroom mandatory training covering: medication, infection control, personal care and observations

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Online training

Working with us gives you exclusive access to our tailored and interactive training program, offering all our registered candidates industry-leading training for free.

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Specialist training

Many of our clients have complex needs, and require a support worker to have attended training specific to their condition(s). Find out more about specialist training here.

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